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Total Token Supply 10bn
Token price $0.01
Private Sale Soft Cap $2m
Private Sale Hard Cap $8.5m

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Pre ICO and Public ICO exact dates to be set

Zapaygo is a powerful and convenient on-demand mobile ordering and payment platform for the entertainment, hospitality and leisure sectors.

Zapaygo is promoting an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) to fund the company’s proposed growth and associated development. The initial token release is $8,500,000, then another $33,500,000 over the next 12 months. The White Paper provides a background to the Zapaygo business. The ICO will enable Zapaygo to create the exclusive tokenised RewardZ MarketPlace, an exclusive ecosystem where consumers, venues and brands can exchange, upcycle and trade tokens to unlock benefits, and value, creating a truly sustainable and scalable business model. Funds will also enable the rapid expansion of the Zapaygo business, which is ready to launch into its chosen domestic and international markets.

The minimum viable product (MVP) has been trialled by the NEC, Europe’s largest event and leisure destination, and a BETA version is ready to go live in venues. Zapaygo has a talented team strategically guided by Frank Cotroneo, previous Chief Financial Officer of MasterCard, alongside a host of highly respected industry professionals.  



ICO goals

Why an ICO for Zapaygo?

Zapaygo is a fintech solution, we will start off as a simple lifestyle payment application with future plans to turn Zapaygo into a mobile banking platform and crypto currencies payments platform.

Zapaygo will have its own crypto currency that users will be able to buy via our ICO. Users will be able to trade, and at a date in the future, be able spend via the Zapaygo App.

What makes Zapaygo different is that it is one of a few ICO's that has an experienced business behind it and the app gives people a real reason to use it.

Zapaygo also has a Blockchain trading and payments platform that will launch approximately Spring 2019.

zapaygo app

The opportunity

Zapaygo is about to dominate the Midlands mobile payments market that will be its springboard to the rest of the UK and beyond. Zapaygo has exclusive partnerships that will give accelerated growth, brand promotion and user/venue acquisition.

A commercial partnership with a large exhibition, conference & concert group gives a marketing audience of circa 40m people. Strategic marketing and direct access to 6m annual visitors.

To grow out of the Midlands quickly Zapaygo will use its partnership with Verteda EPOS that has approximately 1m people using the Verteda systems each week across the UK.

EPOS integration ensures a swift UK roll out.

Zapaygo’s reason for creating its own crypto currency is that it is a way to pay for things and is helping the movement following cash to card, to contact and now contactless pre-order and pre-payment via Zapaygo. With our strategic launch plan in the UK and tens of countries to follow up and launch in the next few years, we believe the time is right to offer merchants the facility to take crypto currency for the up and coming younger generations and millions of people who are already adopting the new ways to pay and trade.

Zapaygo is also developing Peer to Peer payments.  

Blockchain Partner

IOV42 is a technology company that develops cutting edge blockchain-technology with offices in London and Vienna and partners in North America, Europe and Asia. They have developed a Multi-Blockchain-Operating-System that can be used for thousands of potential use cases.

For critical infrastructure, IOV42 has created a new category of Distributed Ledger Technology combining novel cryptography, consensus and data architecture. IOV42 has broken through the traditional blockchain ceiling. It’s a blockchain network that can scale blockchain like the internet scales.

IOV42’s team is based in London, Zurich and Vienna with partners in San Francisco, Moscow, Singapore and Bogota and manages international experts, developers and scientists, collaborating with cryptologists from leading universities in the USA and Europe. IOV42’s overall architecture and proposition has entirely been designed and created by their core team. A steadily growing team of European software engineers are accountable for high-quality development and continuous improvement of IOV42’s artificially intelligent blockchain solution. They are backed by a network of top-class individuals within politics, business and science.

Our team

Frank Cotroneo - Chief Strategy Officer

Frank is an accomplished senior leader, and consultant with demonstrated success across financial services, payments, online marketing, and technology. His positions include CFO of MasterCard, CFO H&R Block and COO & CFO of Netspend. Frank will bring over 30 years of executive experience to Zapaygo Frank has held board positions and provided advisory services to publicly listed and private equity owned businesses.

Elliot Hall – Founder, CEO & Chairman

For the 23 years before founding Zapaygo Elliot had been in the leisure & entertainments industry across the tourist attraction, casino, bingo and theme park industries, always taking cash, organising counting and banking thinking there has to be a better way, along came mobile payments! Over these 23 years, Elliot was a major shareholder director and or CEO in over £400m worth of leisure companies.

Richard Dilworth – Founder & Vice Chairman

Richard has looked after the private and commercial interests of significant individuals; ranging from industry leaders to royalty. He gives board-level advice to a number of companies from a variety of sectors including private equity, architecture, oil and gas, automotive and corporate finance firms as well as cultural and media groups. Richard also sits on the board of various charities and is an advisor to future planet fund.

John Morton - Co-Founder & GTO

John has operated at senior Partner/Consultant level in major global consultancies and CTO for Fortune 500/FTSE 30 multi-nationals, with a track record of overseeing efficient and high-quality engineered solutions. John brings 30 years of experience ranging from innovative new product development of digital and technology solutions(and bringing these to market), digital transformations in web, mobility, IOT and data analytics.

Mark Boote – Co-Founder & CFO

Mark has financial experience from roles ranging from Regional Director Finance, ME for Marriott to Director, Business Planning Director, Head of Decision Support and CFO. In addition a wide breadth of business experience and industry knowledge predominately in the media, games, hospitality and retail sectors. Mark has lead processes at Marriot, Codemasters and has been CFO of Zapaygo for the last three years.

Dennis Collet - COO

An entrepreneurial and driven business professional. Dennis holds a Masters of Science in Economics, Strategy, and Governance. He has a strong background (+7 years) in banking and strategy consulting where he was involved in two of the biggest bank mergers, large scale remediation and transformation projects. Dennis has extensive experience in the start up mobile ordering and payments space.

Jamie Dunn - Non-Executive Director & Ambassador

Jamie is an entrepreneur who has previously been shortlisted as one of the top 20 young people In the world. Jamie has spoken at over 500 events across 25 countries on the topic of entrepreneurship, education and innovation and is widely recognised as a leader in these fields. Jamie's work has been recognised at the highest level after being invited to Buckingham Palace as part of the Queens Young Leaders initiative.

Alex Murray - Chief Evangelist

Alex is a digital pioneer. In 1996 he designed the first ever European banking website for First Direct. An accomplished brand strategist and marketing professional, he has worked with Apple and has been a keynote speaker at the company’s global media events. Alex is an expert in digital media and has assisted in launching many brands and products for the world’s largest companies. In 2012 he co-wrote The Mobile Commerce Guide,

Gavin Lilley – Co-Founder & CTO

Gavin is a pragmatic software developer, with special interests in financial and eCommerce sectors. Gavin has experience in Fintech,, Teleco and B2C eCommerce. Specialities: .net, C#, MVC, Windows Phone 7, Windows 8, node.js, Azure, Entity Framework, nTier, LINQ, MVC.NET , WCF, HTML5, jQuery, Software design and development, E-commerce, SEO, AdWords, TDD, Rhino, Bootstrap, AngularJS.

Kym Hudson - Risk & Controls Consultant

Kym has an impressive track record of outstanding performance at senior levels in Operations, Customer Service/Good Conduct, Risk and Programme Management within the Banking & Financial Services sector. Kym enjoys leadership aspects of her roles and utilises proven executive competencies to manage through motivation, influencing and collaboration. Kym also has the ability to manage conflict at all levels.

Stephan van der Berg - Adivsor Ambassador

Stefan founded AfterPay in 2010 and now co-owns SportsStadion and has advised/advises various companies including: ePaylater, Arvato Bertelsman, Minox, AfterPay. Stefan was a member of the Board of Directors at arvato Financial Solutions. arvato Financial Solutions is a business division of arvato Bertelsmann which has a euro 4b turnover business with 68,000 employees. Stefan has a passion for the payments and blockchain industries.

Stephen Harrison - CRMO

A former British diplomat and international trade & investment practitioner, Steve has set up and run crisis, risk management and communication elements for two governments in the last two decades. This includes combatting cyber-attacks, preparing for (and dealing with) business continuity issues and disasters, and sourcing new clients and investors for international projects across several continents.

Bil Majcher - KYC & AML Advisor

Extensive operational experience including being the covert operator in the largest money laundering and securities fraud investigation in North America. Led the creation of a Multi-Agency Capital Markets Enforcement Team in Western Canada. Also led the creation of a Capital Markets Intelligence Unit Developed methodologies to test compliance by financial institutions with new Anti-Money Laundering laws.

Morris Reid - Advisor Ambassador

Morris has worked for more than 15 years globally with high-profile public and private clients fostering business development programs, managing crisis situations, and launching partnerships that meld reputation management, cross border transactions, brand building, coalition advocacy, and effective public affairs and issue managemen t M. orris's extensive business network is a great asset to Zapaygo.

Catherine Cornelius Smith - Executive Coach & DI officer

Catherine is a top ranked strategist and executive coach and an expert in navigating the expectations of employees, customers and capital markets. Catherine honed her skills as a member of the White House staff, engaging directly with world leadership in over 200 Presidential official visits, policy meetings. Catherine has been described as a pioneer in the field of strategic advocacy in the diversity and inclusion profession.

Lauren Hall - Marketing Director

An accomplished marketer with a proven track record in delivering b2c and b2b campaigns. Several successful investment raising and associated market entry strategies already delivered in her relatively youthful career. A socially minded, brand led creative professional with a clear passion for powerful communication and beautifully designed solutions.

Sebastian Acsota - Blockchain

Sebastian is the founder of a live cryptocurrency exchange. Many of the products and services that Sebastian has developed in his companies have been focused on mitigating risk, information security, trust management and fraud prevention. Information security, trust management and fraud prevention are an infinite source of inspiration and passion. for Sebastian . Sebastian is also going to play a part in Zapayso's Mxico launch.

Stephen Els - Blockchain

Stephen fulfils a range of technical requirements and specifications on the Zapaygo project. Through analysing and defining the needs, risks and assumptions in context of a specific solution, these are applied to a practical solution that is deliverable and fit for purpose. Stephen understands all the internal and external systems and features that make up the Zapaygo solution (e.g. NEC).

Ranjeet Rustogi - Blockchain

Ranjeet has 20 years of global hands-on experience in some of the most cutting-edge transformative technologies of the past two decades. CEO of Curruncy Pte Ltd, a Blockchain consultancy service to assist businesses in exploring Blockchain technology as an option to add to/replace pieces of their current technology stack, or help new businesses to understand whether Blockchain can be part of their technology.

Julian Gibbins

Julian has alost two decades of M&A, strategy and business development experience in international payments covering areas such as issuer and acquirer processing, settlement, merchant acquiring, alternative payments including mobile payments,. Julian is responsible for helping First Data to grow its global footprint into 21 countries through market entry acquisitions and joint ventures with a collective value of more than $1Bn.

Martin Grisman - Non-Executive Director & Ambassador

An Operations professional with a broad base of experience in significant complex FMCG businesses and the U.K. On Trade and was a Services Director of Matthew Clarks . Successful in managing major change programmes designed to improve performance and customer focus. Material experience of initiating leading edge supply chain improvements and integrating acquisitions.

Bill Mooney

Bill’s career has spanned sales, marketing and general management and covered 4 different sectors. Bill has had his biggest successes where innovation has been applied to automate existing business processes whilst making companies more agile. Bill’s vision is “to change the way payment companies do business,” helping them to increase sales, reduce costs and achieve 100% compliance.

James Edwards - Product Development Leader

James has 20+ years experience creating usable and delightful online experiences. He has a unique skill set of design strategy, user research, information architecture and content strategy and user interface design. James, founder of BPI in 1995, leads clients and project teams from ambiguity to clarity by setting direction that combines user, business, and development goals.

Graham Higgins

Graham is a highly respected Commercial Director in the UK outsourcing market with over 20 years experience in the design, sale, delivery and operation of BPO and Credit Management solutions across a range of industry sectors. Graham has been a Select Member of the CICM (Chartered Institute of Credit Management) ‘Think- Tank’ since 2008 and a Finalist in the British Credit Awards.

Chief Information Security Officer (Name withheld)

20 years experience in IT infrastructure system and information security professional providing cyber and information security consultancy and technology services. Formerly the CISO of a major outsourcing and IT services company, he has a breadth of experience providing services to a number of large organisations, both private and public sector.

Chris Dunkley - EPOS Integrations Lead

Chris company JDP started EPOS integration in the mid-nineties and has now reached over 100 integrations in 19 countries. Chris created, developed and launched BAR FooTSiE as a mobile event within the UK, predominantly within Student Unions. This developed into the EPM platform we now use which can link up to a huge range of systems and is installed into bars on a permanent basis.

Geoff Gwynn - Internal Quality and Compliance Control

After leaving the Royal Air Force, Geoff has spent over 30 years’ in sales, marketing and business development; working with organisations ranging in size from complete startups to high growth Fortune 500 organisations in the UK, Europe and the USA. His role within Zapaygo is to support the leadership team to identify the internal “Barriers to Growth” and remove them one by one using his extensive experience.

There is another way...

The Zapaygo way

There are 120,000 on-trade venues in the UK, we estimate a £27 billion turnover in wet sales alone. All payments companies are not competitors, they are complementary to Zapaygo as they will be a way to complete orders. Zapaygo users will be able to check out via payment methods such as Apple Pay, PayPal, Google Pay, AliPay, Android Pay WePay, Debit Card, Amex and Credit Card.

There is currently no single application which offers a full pre-order and payment solution that has the luxury of the commercial opportunities now afforded to Zapaygo.



Discussing who pays & how much
Ordering while sitting in your seat
Hoping to get a table
Reserving a table & ordering a coffee from the taxi
Standing in line & missing the show
Enjoying an in App game & the loser pays the bill